Creative Glow

tttwholeweb.jpgtttcenterdetailweb.jpgI painted the fabric and drew all the illustrations directly onto cloth;  the pieces were then cut many times and reassembled into new configurations.  The process of cutting and reassembling many times over, until the original drawings were obliterated, eventually allowed new images to appear.

Creative Glow, 30″h by 30″w.

(Which Way to) Rock Hill Scat

rockhillskatvertical.jpgrockhillskatdetail.jpgI made this piece to celebrate my beautiful new home, the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina.  “Scat” refers to a form of Jazz singing that I like very much in which improvised, meaningless syllables are sung to a melody.  The strong, irregular shapes and stitched lines of this piece recall the sharp lines of the stony hills that gave the city its name.

(Which Way to) Rock Hill Scat, 41″h by 20″w.


This piece showcases illustrations drawn directly onto the fabric, screen printing, and all-over free-motion stitching that echoes and complements the drawings. The bound border is also hand-painted. The 2nd and 3rd photos are detail shots.


Heartland, 36″h by 36″w. Published in Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July 2008. Read the article here.